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Until The End Of Time 1. Until The End Of Time  , 2014  г.

Bill is a dedicated young lawyer working in New York. He leaves everything he trained for to follow his dream to become a minister in rural Wyoming. Jenny, his fashion stylist wife, leaves the milieu and life she loves to join him. The certainty they share is that their destinies are linked forever. Fast forward thirty-eigh.... дальше >>
Slaughterhouse Heart 2. Afsaneh Knight : Slaughterhouse Heart  , 2009  г.

What makes a father violent? It takes a brave man to find out... As a volunteer at St Margaret’s Hospice, eager and helpful Meryl is looking for a role in life. The arrival of Jamie, the son of a patient, may be just what she is after. He is good-looking, young and, above all, troubled. Jamie’s father has only a few days to live, but between father and son is a lifetime of misunderstanding and unh... дальше >>
Alentejo Blue 3. Ali Monica : Alentejo Blue  , 2005  г.

... дальше >>
Barack & Michelle. The Love Story 4. Andersen Christopher : Barack & Michelle. The Love Story  , 2010  г.

The Love Story. The marriage of Barack and Michelle stands as one of the great personal and political partnerships, and by the time he was sworn in, Barack and Michelle Obama were indisputably the First Couple not only of America but of the world. Yet, incredibly, the true nature of that relationship has remained a mystery. Until now. Christopher Andersen draws on those who know the Obamas best to... дальше >>
Brute Force 5. Andy McNab : Brute Force  , 2009  г.

A cargo ship is apprehended by the authorities off the coast of Spain, loaded to the gunwales with enough arms and ammunition to start a war. Twenty years later, an unknown aggressor seems intent on eradicating those responsible for the treachery, one by one. The last victim was brutally tortured with a Black & Decker drill, then shot through the head. And Nick Stone - ex-SAS, tough, resourceful, ... дальше >>
Crisis Four 6. Andy McNab : Crisis Four  , 2004  г.

Nick Stone, ex SAS, now working for British Intelligence, is tough, resourceful, ruthless. Sarah is beautiful, steel willed, intelligent. As the pair are purued through the backwoods of the American South, Stones mission becomes a journey to the heart of a dark and deadly conspiracy to which only Sarah hold the key.... дальше >>
Exit Wound 7. Andy McNab : Exit Wound  , 2010  г.

Three tons of Saddam Hussein's gold in an unguarded warehouse in Dubai... For two of Nick Stones closest ex-SAS comrades, it was to have been the perfect, victimless crime. But when they're double-crossed and the robbery goes devastatingly wrong, only Stone can identify his friends killer and track him down... As one harrowing piece of the complex and sinister jigsaw slots into another, Stones que... дальше >>
Grey Man 8. Andy McNab : Grey Man  , 2011  г.

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Last Night Another Soldier 9. Andy McNab : Last Night Another Soldier  , 2011  г.

... дальше >>
The Death Maze 10. Ariana Franklin : The Death Maze  , 2009  г.

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