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Containers with Style 1. Containers with Style  , 2004  г.

Finding extra storage space doesn't need to mean reusing old yogurt tubs. Packed with photos, Containers with Style inspires homeowners with a unique variety of projects that are both good-looking and practical. Easy-to-follow instructions guide do-it-yourselfers through each project from start to finish, and expert tips save time and guarantee great results. Whether interested in smart suggestion... дальше >>
Mosaics 2. Candace Bahouth : Mosaics  , 2001  г.

Mosaics offer a medium to experiment with a wide variety of materials and to create imaginative color schemes. The authors, Kaffe Fassett and Candace Bahouth, are accomplished designers known especially for dramatic color combinations, and for their first collaboratioin they have chosen the rich subject of mosaics - presenting a collection of creative projects for interiors and exteriors. This boo... дальше >>
The New Outdoor Kitchen 3. Debra Krasner : The New Outdoor Kitchen  , 2007  г.

Debra Krasner teaches how you can create a glorious al fresco kitchen no matter how limited your "good weather" season, garden size or budget. First you'll be inspired by 300 beautiful, full-colour outdoor kitchen photos and profiles, then this unique new guide will help you create your own, with expert advice on everything from floors to stoves and sinks. She offers guidance every step of the way... дальше >>
500 Cottages 4. Douglas Keister : 500 Cottages  , 2006  г.

Few things do more to set a homes character than its scale. And in the cottage, people have for hundreds of years found a home that is inviting, without being ostentatious, modest without a feeling of confinement. Doug Keisters photography brings to life 500 cottages, organized by style, including English, storybook, bungalettes, Victorian, and Spanish-influenced casitas.... дальше >>
Updating Classic America: Capes. Design Ideas for Renovating, Remodeling, and Building New 5. Jane Gitlin : Updating Classic America: Capes. Design Ideas for Renovating, Remodeling, and Building New  , 2006  г.

Cape Cod homes have been a part of the American landscape since the days of early settlers. Now, Capes and their neighborhoods are enjoying a renaissance, as a new generation of homeowners discovers the joys of this straightforward style that combines a characteristic Yankee practicality with a timeless aesthetic. Capes is filled with design ideas and inspirations for renovating, remodeling, and b... дальше >>
Creating the Inspired House: 6. John Connell : Creating the Inspired House:  , 2005  г.

Where we choose to settle, what we build, and how our homes feel inside and out are all expressions of who we are. The best houses are about people, and Creating the Inspired House chronicles the stories of memorable characters immersed in the search for a place they can call home. With over 300 color photographs, this book takes readers on a cross-country tour of over 20 inspired homes - large an... дальше >>
Updating Classic America: Colonials 7. Matthew Schoenherr : Updating Classic America: Colonials  , 2006  г.

"Updating Classic America: Colonials" is a unique combination of outstanding designs and proven ideas for renovating, remodeling, and building a Colonial-style home. Featuring over 20 case studies of updated homes and colonials built from scratch, the book is illustrated with inspiring original color photography and before and after floor plans.... дальше >>
Basement Ideas That Work: Creative Design Solutions for Your Home 8. Peter Jeswald : Basement Ideas That Work: Creative Design Solutions for Your Home  , 2007  г.

How do you turn your basement into the place to be? You transform it from a cramped, musty space to terrific rooms your family members will want to be in. No more dreaded trips to put in a load of laundry in a dark, dank locale or retrieve something from gloomy, cavernous storage. Instead, you'll enter a warm, welcome family room, a cozy home office, or a slick gym. For the motivation to pull thes... дальше >>
On the Porch: Creating Your Place to Watch the World Go By 9. Sandra Mahoney : On the Porch: Creating Your Place to Watch the World Go By  , 2007  г.

A porch can change the way you live in your house - it can entirely change the way your house looks--it can change the way you relate to your neighborhood. There is, simply, something magical about a porch. It slows you down, it tells you to take some time, to read the paper, to sip a glass of lemonade, to watch the weather roll in. For those dreaming of a front porch or those with porches in need... дальше >>
Inside the Not So Big House 10. Sarah Susanka : Inside the Not So Big House  , 2007  г.

Americas favorite home architect Sarah Susanka takes an up-close look at the well-crafted details that can be used to personalize any home, whether new or remodeled. Susanka illustrates these built-in elements with inspiring examples from 24 homes across America and shows how paying attention to the details brings an otherwise ordinary home to life.... дальше >>

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