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Life in Color: National Geographic Photographs 1. Adler Jonathan : Life in Color: National Geographic Photographs  , 2012  г.

Life in Color is arranged by color in a rainbow of beauty. Each chapter, devoted to a color, begins with a short, inspiring essay that explores the qualities, meaning, and symbolism of that color, written in the same warm and lovely voice that guided the reader through Visions of Earth. Color chapters include photographs that are predominantly blue, orange, green, yellow, purple and red. Smaller s... дальше >>
St. Petersburg 2. Jeremy Howard : St. Petersburg  , 2007  г.

Despite three revolutions and three name changes, Peter the Great's Venice of the North, the most European of Russia's cities, lives on gloriously. With exquisite photographs, detailed descriptions, and easy-to-read maps, the "National Geographic Traveler: St. Petersburg" brings you the best of this enchanted, canal-crossed city, plus hidden gems as well. Veteran writer Jeremy Howard, a long-time ... дальше >>
National Geographic: The Photographs 3. Leah Bendavid-Val : National Geographic: The Photographs  , 2010  г.

Presents a collection of "National Geographic" magazine photographs, the facts behind them, and the inside stories of the men and women who took them. This book describes the photographers' achievements from technical, journalistic, and artistic points of view.... дальше >>
In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits 4. National Geographic : In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits  , 2010  г.

Culled from National Geographic's extraordinary archive, each of the 280 photographs in this wonderful book offers its own unique answer to the question, What makes a great portrait? In Focus is divided into periods that correspond roughly to changes in photographic equipment and techniques, from the cumbersome cameras and long exposures of early days to the advent of color film and the lightweigh... дальше >>
National Geographic Family Reference Atlas of the World 5. National Geographic Society : National Geographic Family Reference Atlas of the World  , 2008  г.

Fully indexed for ease of accessibility, this comprehensive, up-to-date family reference atlas encompasses more than 450 full-color political, physical, and thematic maps, as well as photographs and illustrations, that provide a wealth of information on the nations of the world, climate and weather.... дальше >>

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