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Megachange: The World in 2050 1. Megachange: The World in 2050  , 2012  г.

Building on the hugely successful annual Economist The World in... publications, this essential guide to the twenty-first century captures the sweeping, fundamental trends that are changing the world faster than at any time in human history. In 2050 there will be 9.3 billion people alive - compared with 7 billion today - and the number will still be rising. The population aged over sixty-five will... дальше >>
Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty 2. Acemoglu Daron : Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty  , 2013  г.

This is a provocative bestseller that explains why the world is divided into nations with wildly differing levels of prosperity. Why are some nations more prosperous than others? Why Nations Fail sets out to answer this question, with a compelling and elegantly argued new theory: that it is not down to climate, geography or culture, but because of institutions. Drawing on an extraordinary range of... дальше >>
Acts of Union and Disunion 3. Colley Linda : Acts of Union and Disunion  , 2014  г.

The United Kingdom; Great Britain; the British Isles; the Home Nations: such a wealth of different names implies uncertainty and contention - and an ability to invent and adjust. In a year that sees a Scottish referendum on independence, Linda Colley analyses some of the forces that have unified Britain in the past. She examines the mythology of Britishness, and how far - and why - it has faded. S... дальше >>
Spell It Out: The Singular Story of English Spelling 4. Crystal D. : Spell It Out: The Singular Story of English Spelling  , 2013  г.

Why is there an 'h' in ghost? William Caxton, inventor of the printing press and his Flemish employees are to blame: without a dictionary or style guide to hand in fifteenth century Bruges, the typesetters simply spelled it the way it sounded to their foreign ears, and it stuck. Seventy-five per cent of English spelling is regular but twenty-five per cent is complicated, and in Spell It Out our fo... дальше >>
The Story of English in 100 Words 5. Crystal David : The Story of English in 100 Words  , 2012  г.

Featuring Latinate and Celtic words, weasel words and nonce-words, ancient word (loaf) to advanced (twittersphere) and spanning the indispensable words that shape our tongue (and, what) to the more fanciful (fopdoodle), the author takes us along the winding byways of language via the rude, the obscure and the downright surprising.... дальше >>
Cezanne 6. Danchev Alex : Cezanne  , 2013  г.

This is a remarkable new biography of a cultural icon. Today we view Cezanne as a monumental figure, but during his lifetime (1839-1906), many did not understand him or his work. With brilliant insight, drawing or a vast range of primary sources, Alex Danchev tells the story of an artist who was never accepted into the official Salon: he was considered a revolutionary at best an a barbarian at wor... дальше >>
Half Blood Blues 7. Edugyan Esi : Half Blood Blues  , 2012  г.

From Weimar Berlin to the fall of Paris, and on to the present day, danger, jealousy and inspiration combine to tempt a man to a secret betrayal. Now a Radio 4 Book at Bedtime scheduled for 27th June - 8th July. Chip told us not to go out. Said, don't you boys tempt the devil. But it been one brawl of a night, I tell you. The aftermath of the fall of Paris, 1940. Hieronymous Falk, a rising star on... дальше >>
The Checklist Manifesto 8. Gawande Atul : The Checklist Manifesto  , 2011  г.

One of the top ten greatest doctors in the world looks at the lowly checklist, and how this simple idea - which is free to reproduce - will revolutionise the way we approach problems, and help save lives. Today we find ourselves in possession of stupendous know-how, which we willingly place in the hands of the most highly skilled people.... дальше >>
The 33 Strategies of War (Concise Edition) 9. Robert Greene : The 33 Strategies of War (Concise Edition)  , 2012  г.

From bestselling author Robert Greene comes a new guide to the strategies of war that can help us gain mastery in the modern world. Spanning world civilisations, and synthesising dozens of political, philosophical, and religious texts, "The Concise 33 Strategies of War" is a guide to the subtle social game of everyday life. Based on profound and timeless lessons, it is abundantly illustrated with ... дальше >>
Diaghilev: A Life 10. Scheijen Sjeng : Diaghilev: A Life  , 2011  г.

A biography of the impresario of the arts and creator of The Ballets Russes.... дальше >>

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