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Essential Professional Conduct. Legal Ethics 1. Essential Professional Conduct. Legal Ethics 

Accessible and student-friendly this new edition has been fully updated and revised and includes substantial new material and a comprehensive table of cases. Opening each chapter with a checklist highlighting key areas of the topic, followed by an expanded treatment of the subject, this text provides students with a sound overview of legal ethics on which to build their knowledge and is also an id... дальше >>
Corpus-based Language Studies 2. Anthony Mark Mcenery : Corpus-based Language Studies  , 2005  г.

Corpus Based Language Studies: - covers the major theoretical approaches to the use of corpus data - adopts a 'how to' approach with exercises and cases, affording students with the knowledge and tools to undertake their own corpus-based research - gathers together influential readings from leading names in the discipline, including: Biber, Widdowson, Stubbs, Carter and McCarthy - is supported by ... дальше >>
Russia's Skinheads 3. Pilkington Hilary : Russia's Skinheads  , 2010  г.

This is an important book for both Russian specialists and for sociologists of youth subculture. It provides a thorough examination of the skinhead phenomenon, explaining its nature and its significance, and assessing how far Russian skinhead subculture is the 'lumpen' end of the extreme nationalist ideological spectrum.... дальше >>

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