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Forests (Cube Books) 1. Bulgari Fabrizio : Forests (Cube Books)  , 2009  г.

A wide-ranging exploration through images of the role of forests as a source of wonder, respect, and meaning.... дальше >>
Movie Stars: Cubebook 2. De Fabianis Valeria M. : Movie Stars: Cubebook  , 2008  г.

From the first silent films to the 'talkies' of the late 1920s and early 30s to today's blockbuster hits, movies have spawned icons for each generation. From Rudolph Valentino to Clark Gable to George Clooney, from Clara Bow to Katherine Hepburn to Angelina Jolie, this volume spotlights all our favourites. Starting with child stars like Shirley Temple and Drew Barrymore, the book is organized into... дальше >>
Lingerie 3. Folli Anna : Lingerie  , 2010  г.

Since its origins when Eve first donned an undergarment, lingerie has functioned as the ultimate tease in ladies' attire, a sartorial statement of style, elegance, provocation - even malice. This incisive and colorful volume presents the history of lingerie in vintage prints and advertisements as well as babe-alicious photos of the most beautiful models and actresses from Marilyn Monroe to Angelin... дальше >>
Global 200: Places That Must Survive 4. Fulco Pratesi : Global 200: Places That Must Survive  , 2007  г.

This important work is a rousing “call to action” and conservation project that urges us to start preserving the world’s delicate ecosystems while there is still time. In an age where we have achieved a greater awareness of the Earth’s vulnerability and the uncertainty surrounding its future, this influential volume is both beautiful and topical. It is an excellent way to enjoy an “armchair tour” ... дальше >>
The Treasures of Florence and Tuscany 5. Libero Chiara : The Treasures of Florence and Tuscany  , 2010  г.

Tuscany is the Italian region par excellence; the region most celebrated by artists and poets; the source of the Italian language. This volume leads the reader on journeys, through hills and landscapes, from Versilia to Chianti, from Florence to Siena, following in the steps of great artists and recapturing important historical events.... дальше >>
Fidel Castro: A Life in Pictures 6. Manferto De Fabianis Valeria : Fidel Castro: A Life in Pictures  , 2007  г.

This book relates the compelling story of Fidel Castro through a wide variety of photographs and an insightful text from a veteran journalist. Tracing Castro's life from his childhood through his university years to his seizing of power, his decades of being one of history's most inflammatory political figures, and the recent years, this book reveals the influences in Castro's life and the events ... дальше >>
Sharks 7. Mojetta Angelo : Sharks  , 2005  г.

Behind most myths of the sea, behind most people's sense of fear and respect for the ocean, lurks the shark—the uncontested lord of the deep. Each year scientists try to counter the bad publicity that sharks receive during beach season, and now there is a growing general sense that these fish lead interesting lives beyond what their monstrous reputations would suggest. This guidebook is both a por... дальше >>
Harley Davidson 8. Szymezak Pascal : Harley Davidson  , 2011  г.

Ever since the original appearance of their first single-cylinder engine, followed by their twin cylinders, the Harley-Davidson has distinguished itself by imposing its models, owing to their trustworthiness and endurance, and then because of how many competitions they won. The new Harley-Davidsons have become motorcycles offering modern performances, but which have succeeded in conserving the spi... дальше >>
Motorcycles 9. Valeria Manferto De Fabianis : Motorcycles  , 2007  г.

This book is a compact portfolio of images showcasing the world's finest motorcycles. An exciting addition to White Star's bestselling CubeBook series, this handsome, hefty little compendium spotlights a vast range of the world's most important and influential motorcycle designs. Enthusiasts will appreciate the fine photography that showcases through a variety of perspectives the details on a wide... дальше >>
China 10. Zola Alberto : China  , 2007  г.

Colorful pictures take readers on a tour of China’s glorious natural resources and fascinating manmade wonders that range from ancient ornate temples to modern skyscrapers. A cultural overview includes time-honored religious rituals, theatrical arts, cuisine, and much more.... дальше >>

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