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Reflections of Nature: Paintings by Joseph Raffael 1. Amei Wallach : Reflections of Nature: Paintings by Joseph Raffael  , 1998  г.

Sun-dappled carp, radiant blossoms, and tumultuous waters are among the wonders and mysteries of nature captured in Joseph Raffaels brilliant close-up paintings. At a time when beauty is much out of favor in the art world, Joseph Raffael has taken what some would consider the highly radical step of daring to paint beautiful pictures. Long one of contemporary arts most highly regarded painters, Raf... дальше >>
Great Book of French Impressionism (Tiny Folio) 2. Diane Kelder : Great Book of French Impressionism (Tiny Folio)  , 1997  г.

With its lively narrative and profuse illustrations, this volume captures the visual riches of a remarkable era. Born in controversy, christened in scorn by a sarcastic critic, and developed amid a continuing struggle for recognition and solvency, French Impressionism finally emerged as a powerful and immensely popular artistic movement whose appeal remains undiminished today. "The Great Book of F... дальше >>
The Lure of Gold 3. Dr.Hans Gert Bachmann : The Lure of Gold  , 2006  г.

When Hesiod, the Greek poet of the eighth century B.C., recounted the history of the world as he understood it, he described the legendary first generation of mortal men, who lived in peace and ease, as the "people of gold". Nearly three millennia later, we still refer to a particularly happy or prosperous era as a "golden age". The reason Hesiod’s metaphor translates so perfectly into our own idi... дальше >>
Italian Frescoes 5: The Baroque Era 4. Dr.Steffi Roettgen : Italian Frescoes 5: The Baroque Era  , 2007  г.

Features 25 frescoe cycles including works by Domenichino, Ricci, Guercino and Tiepolo. This work presents such celebrated sights as the Barberini Palace in Rome and the Pitti Palace in Florence, as well as lesser known gems. Each chapter offers a descriptive and interpretive essay on various aspects of the frescoe cycle.... дальше >>
Giotto 5. Flores D'Arcais Francesca : Giotto  , 2012  г.

Producing a series of commissioned works for the church and upper classes in his native Tuscany and surrounding regions, Giotto changed the course of European art by breaking away from the rigid, stereotyped figures of the Byzantine and Giotto medieval traditions. This title provides a survey of Giotto's life and work.... дальше >>
The Grand Medieval Bestiary: The Animal in Illuminated Manuscripts 6. Heck Christian : The Grand Medieval Bestiary: The Animal in Illuminated Manuscripts  , 2012  г.

With more than six hundred reproductions of illuminated manuscripts from the 4th to 16th centuries, this book provides an extensive look at the presence and significance of animals in medieval thought and art. The Medieval Bestiary explores the space between reality and myth; religious symbolism and political allegory; and man's combined fear of and admiration for animals both common and exotic. M... дальше >>
Norman Rockwell. Postcard Book 7. John Rockwell : Norman Rockwell. Postcard Book  , 1996  г.

... дальше >>
Hieronymus Bosch 8. Larry Silver : Hieronymus Bosch  , 2006  г.

Hieronymus Bosch is a stunningly illustrated, groundbreaking exploration of the work of Hieronymus Bosch, the Low Countries great visionary painter. Four hundred little people frolic au naturel with overgrown songbirds and raspberries; a pudgy blue demon serenades a fashionable young couple with a tune piped through his own elongated nose; a knife-wielding set of disembodied ears stalks the damned... дальше >>
Artists' Self-Portraits 9. Omar Calbrese : Artists' Self-Portraits  , 2006  г.

Offers a way to appreciate the history of art and to understand that a self-portrait is more than merely a portrait of the artist. Presenting a definition of the self-portrait genre, this book focuses on the turning point for the establishment of the genre during the Renaissance when the status of the painter was raised from artisan to artist.... дальше >>
Joel Perlman: A Sculptor's Journey 10. Philip F.Palmedo : Joel Perlman: A Sculptor's Journey  , 2005  г.

An elegantly produced volume which illustrates celebrated American metal sculptor Joel Perlman's finest works and relates them to his fascinating life story This handsomely illustrated book is the first monograph devoted to the work of Joel Perlman, an acclaimed sculptor in steel and bronze, whose works are represented in the permanent collections of America's top museums, including the Metropolit... дальше >>

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