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The Beatles: The Music and the Myth 1. Patrick Humphries : The Beatles: The Music and the Myth  , 2010  г.

It's an album-by-album, track-by-track run down of every Beatles song on record and includes The Beatles Live At the BBC album, various compilations and the three best-selling Anthology sets released in 1995 and the 1 compilation, the Love medley CD and the re-mastered back catalogue albums.... дальше >>
Viva Coldplay: A Biography 2. Roach Martin : Viva Coldplay: A Biography  , 2011  г.

Author Martin Roach reveals how the band members met, played their early gigs, financed their own early EPs and how, with four hit albums under their belt; they still continue to maintain a tight degree of control over their output. Featuring insights into Coldplay's professional insecurities and anxieties and the notoriously angst-ridden personality of lead vocalist Chris Martin, this is an in-de... дальше >>
Eric Whitacre Collection 3. Whitacre Eric : Eric Whitacre Collection  , 2010  г.

This a cappella collection of pieces for mixed choir by Eric Whitacre is the first available printed music compilation of its kind for the composer. The book includes pieces of varying difficulty, wide-ranging in theme, from the iconic Sleep and Water Night to the quietly angelic Lux Aurumque (Light and Gold) and the recent Nox Aurumque (Night and Gold). A Boy and a Girl and This Marriage are both... дальше >>

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